NASA Answers 5 questions about Space Weather


I firmly believe that communicating science to the broader public is part of my role and responsibility as a scientist. I work with K-12 teachers in professional development activities, act as an EPO reviewer for NASA and textbook publishers, am an EPO Scientist for NASA’s THEMIS and MMS missions, was part of NASA’s SMD Space Physics Education and Outreach Forum, past Chair of AGU’s SPA EPO Committee, and used to write a regular column called Adventures in Science for the Culver City News as well as a Blog for Encyclopedia Britannica’s “From the Field”. Check it out and comment if you are so inspired.

At the University of Michigan, I serve as a faculty advisor at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering and regularly contribute to UM’s Explore Engineering activities for kids.

One of my goals is to encourage students, teachers, and the public to think critically, understand what science is and is not, and to always ask questions.

North Campus Art: I serve on the College of Engineering’s “Art Committee” that is tasked with caring for, acquiring, and highlighting public art on the North Campus of the University of Michigan, Take a walking tour of campus to see some of the cool art.

Outreach and Diversity Awards

2007                             UCLA Motor Board Senior Honor Society “Tip of the Hat” Award
2013                             UM Raymond J. and Monica E. Schultz Outreach and Diversity Award
2014                             UM Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Award
2019                              UM CoE Creativity, Innovation and Daring Faculty Incentive Award

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