Photos of some of my research, education and outreach travels

2002 Travelogue

March/April 2005 Antarctica (Palmer Station) My Photos, Dinny Falkenburg's Photos

Nov/Dec 2005 Antarctica (McMurdo and WAIS-D) My Photos James Weygand's Photos

March 2006 Turkey Solar Eclipse

November 2008 Ethiopia

January 2009 Antarctica (McMurdo and WAIS-D)

July 2009 China Solar Eclipse

June 2009 Zambia

November 2009 Algeria and Cameroon

April 2010 Israel

May 2010 Hungary

June 2010 Japan

June 2011 Zambia

July 2011 Malaysia

February 2012 Antarctica (Antarctic Science* and Aurora Australis (pdf) presentations - *email me for this one)

July 2012 Southern Africa (Hermanus, Victoria Falls, Hawange Zimbabwe, Pilensberg)

August 2012 Singapore

November 2012 Ethiopia

July 2014 SE Alaska

June 2015 Scotland and Norway

July 2017 South Africa-SANSA trip

August 2017 Iceland


The Community of Science

Scientists travel for three reasons: (1) to attend workshops and conferences to meet other scientists, share their work and learn from others, (2) to deploy instrumentation, visit research facilities or to observe space and astronomical phenomena, and (3) to give talks at other institutions or to the public.

I am fortunate to do all three types of travel. I have visited all seven continents and over 40 countries and look forward to continuing developing new collaborations for research and education.